I’m Emma Beinish, a London based Graphic Designer and Film nerd, working for Film, TV & Animation. 

I make Graphical Props within the art department such as creating fake newspapers, making posters of a teenager’s bedroom, crafting the label for a poisonous potion or even designing patterns for wall papers.

My other side of the job is to create custom titles, in-show graphics and opening/end sequences, that I bring to motion for the post-production side of things. 

I had around two years of classical design training in hospitaly branding design agencies.  I then studied Motion Graphics & Titles at the National Film & Television School to get closer to my other passion which is Film & TV.

Since graduating I had some work experience & freelance work at SKY Creative, Acme Graphics, Pirate Studios, Peter Anderson Studio.

I’m currently working as an associate motion designer at CNN Motion.

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